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The ClimateTech Challenge.

We need climate action – fast and at scale.

With VC funding down 50% in 2023 and just 18 months between funding rounds to prove traction, founders must be faster and better than ever.

Working in and on the company is a firefight. Dynamic markets, regulations, and complex business models in ClimateTech make investors demand next-level standards and effective strategy execution.

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Lack of Execution

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Lack of Executability

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Lack of Priorities

Strategic Scaling: From Seed to Series C.

Scaling involves tackling the unique challenges that come with each growth and maturity stage, from Seed to Series C. It’s about professionalizing your company in a structured and holistic way, while maintaining laser focus on day-to-day operations.

Don’t ignore the ‘white spot’—the crucial capability of effective strategy execution. This enables you to allocate resources wisely and extend your funding run rate. Being in control not only puts you in the driver’s seat but also enhances your appeal to investors.

The All-In-One Platform for Scaling ClimateTech.

We speed-up strategy execution by leveraging ValueWorks, the modern Intelligence Platform. ClimeNow offers a ClimateTech version, serving as hub for effective strategy execution. Our all-in-one, plug-and-play platform comes with product modules tailored for ClimateTech. Fast-Track Your Scaling going from Insights to Strategy and to Execution.

Management & Investor Reporting
Industry-specific KPIs, management and investor reporting ranging from financial strategic and initiative views. Make data-driven decisions for effective leadership.

Company Health Check
Out-of-the-box health check including financial, operational, and capability-rooted performance. Reduce risk and create transparency for investors.

Capability Engine
360-degree capability view from Insights, Strategy, Business and Operating Model to execution. Regular stakeholder feedback allows building capabilities.

Capability-rooted OKRs
Pre-defined OKRs for each capability using stakeholder feedback as KPI to measure the capability building progress. This allows you to measure the intangible.

Dynamic OKR Engine
ValueWork’s dynamic OKR engine dynamically connects controlling and capability-rooted KPIs with OKRs and digitizes the OKR process and effective execution.

Execution Vehicles
Pre-defined initiatives to build customer-centric core processes end-2-end. Cross-functional teams own and executed capability-rooted OKRs.

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for data connect, reporting and OKR engine setup.

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Cost Reduction
compared to conventional
BI and OKR projects (setup/ops).

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based on real-time data
investor reporting.

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OKR Management Effort
based on dynamic connect of OKRs and KPIs.

From an investor perspective, we like to have more transparency on our portfolio companies’ growth with the help of ValueWorks. ValueWorks is supporting our portfolio companies to faster grow with the achieved transparency.

Leonard Clemens

Outcome of Strategic Scaling.

Smart resource allocation, excellent execution make your company scaling ready and crisis resilient and highly attractive for investors.

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Intelligence Platform with
ClimateTech modules.

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Capital Effectiveness
Smart resource allocation
and differentiating capabilities.

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CXO Effort
Smart time allocation,
clear focus and priorities.

Robert has shaped the CIO space from a start-up into a scalable tech organization during 100% YoY growth in 2020-21 (from 125 -250m EUR). Within 9 months, he more than doubled the team with new expertise. He has set up company-wide cross-functional digitization initiatives for scaling and stabilized the IoT platform.

Aurélie Alemany

Introducing ClimeNow. 

The All-in-One Platform for Scaling ClimateTech.